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Antonia Herrera


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Antonia Herrera studied fine arts at Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile, and eventually started working as an Art and Animation director. In 2008 she started her own animation studio, Punkrobot, along with director Gabriel Osorio, producer Pato Escala and Art Director Mari Soto-Aguilar. There she has helped create and develop projects for preschool television (“Flipos” and “Muelin y Perlita”), advertising, and the short film “Bear Story”, which won an Oscar for best animated short in 2016.

She is also a children’s author and illustrator, creating the picture book version of “Bear Story” with Gabriel Osorio, which went on to become a chilean bestseller. She is currently directing the second season of the preschool TV show “Guitar and Drum” with co-creator Mari Soto-Aguilar.