Bogota ACM SIGGRAPH’s Academic Program on Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques - October 12th to 14th

Bogota ACM SIGGRAPH’s international academic program would like to celebrate the synergy of art, science, and technology and invite you to show your passion for graphics, interactivity, image processing, enhanced realities, games, mobile, robotics, visualization, and other areas in the field of Interactive visual computing.

We welcome submissions describing original results. Authors can submit full papers (up to ten pages), short papers (up to five pages), and posters. A paper’s length should depend on the size of the contribution and the page count does not include citations. We consider papers of 6 pages or more to have a significant, complete contribution, and 2-page papers to be posters. Selected full papers will be considered for publication in a special section of the Computers & Graphics (C&G) Journal before the conference starts. Work in progress can also be presented as short papers or posters. Papers could cover research, applications, or systems, using the following guidelines for each:

  • Research papers should describe results that contribute to advances in the state‐of‐the‐art of a particular field.

  • Application papers should explain how existing ideas have been applied to solve interesting problems in novel ways. Each paper should include an evaluation of the success of previous ideas in the given application domain.

  • System papers should indicate how the authors integrated known techniques and technologies to produce an effective system, along with any lessons learned in the process. Each paper should include an evaluation of its contributions.

Considered today one of the largest animation events in Latin America, Bogota ACM SIGGRAPH  has decided to open its first international academic program with support of ACM SIGGRAPH, Computers & Graphics Journal, and CEGRAPI from the SBC.

Acceptance Rules

Full and short papers will be submitted to a double blind review process. After the first decision, authors of papers Requiring Minor Revisions will be invited to submit a revised paper to be considered for Publication in a Special Section of the Computers & Graphics Journal. Acceptable papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

Submission Guidelines

Original submissions should be written in English and must not have been previously published elsewhere. A paper is considered to have been previously published if it has appeared in a peer‐reviewed journal, magazine, book, or meeting proceedings that are reliably and permanently available afterward in print or electronic form to non‐attendees, regardless of the language of that publication. A paper identical or substantially similar in content (in its entirety or in part) to one submitted to Bogota ACM SIGGRAPH should not be simultaneously under consideration for another conference or journal during any part of this review process, from the submission deadline until decisions are emailed to authors.

Submissions (including citations and optional videos) should be anonymous, not containing information that unnecessarily identifies the authors, or their institutions. Relevant previous work by the authors should be cited in the third person to preserve anonymity.

Authors are encouraged to submit videos to aid the program committee in reviewing their submissions. Videos must be anonymous and submitted according to the instructions at the submission website.  

At the Conference

All accepted long and short papers will be orally presented at the conference.  Posters will be presented during a dedicated session.


July  1st, 2016

Paper submission deadline

August 11th, 2016

Acceptance notice sent to authors.

September 1st, 2016

Final materials due

October 12-14 2016



Publication Requirements

Authors of technical papers should prepare their documents according to the ACM SIGGRAPH publication guidelines. Please pay particular attention to the citation format for prior ACM SIGGRAPH conference papers, as specified in the ACM SIGGRAPH publication guidelines, because the proper format varies depending on the year of publication. For papers accepted to the C&G track we will require a re-formatting to the Guide for Authors rules at the C&G Website.

Authors are required to submit fully formatted papers, with graphs, images, and other special areas arranged as intended for final publication. Be sure that all pages are numbered and that the first page contains your paper's ID number, in the place where authors' names normally go (below the paper title). You should obtain this paper ID by completing the Online Submission Form before finalizing your paper. If your paper is accepted, you will receive instructions for formatting the final version.

Authors must submit their papers in PDF format. Supplementary materials (anything except the paper) should also be submitted electronically. For videos, we strongly encourage QuickTime MPEG-4 or DivX Version 6, and for still images, we strongly encourage JPG or PNG. If you use another format, you are not guaranteed that reviewers will view them. In preparing videos, please choose a reasonable frame size and rate.

For more information, please contact the Program Chairs:

  • Pablo Figueroa, Universidad de los Andes. Colombia
  • Manuel M. Oliveira, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  • Diego Gutierrez, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain